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New album soon?

2010-05-08 10:00:18 by Windows98

Hi everyone,

Considering a night club album that would consist of songs that would make you rip your head of and really dance (no shit, its a dance album). I was thinking about making the album cost like £0.50 or something like that. This way, people would rather pay for it that go to the extra effort and try and get it

Plus i have a you tube channel now, TheOneToxic! c

Remember, i view others work so they will view mine, i'll scratch your back if you scratch mine!

PS, im dissapointed at a few members here when after burn got a 3.5 / 5 yet other songs that are terrible get higher.


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2010-05-08 10:22:32

not if he can help it ^


2011-04-30 20:10:34

Sup! Check out my work, I've already checked out yours. My favorite track is Starlight!! Thanks!